Blue Hoodie Waterproof Dog Coat With Built In Harness

Blue Hoodie Waterproof Dog Coat With Built In Harness

From £15.00

Get your pooch bang on trend this season with our stylish waterproof dog coat. Our Classic Waterproof dog coat features a Built-in Harness, Yes that's right the Only British Made dog coat to feature a built-in harness.

Simply pull the coat over your dog's head pass the webbing strap through a channel on the inside of the coat then clip it securely to a plastic buckle underneath the chest area to create a comfortable and secure dog coat with harness.

We have lined the dog coat with Thermo Dynamic Spacer Fabric, this allows the air to circulate to stop your dog overheating, and this helps your dog’s natural coat not to matt.

  • The outer fabric is waterproof ensuring the coat stays dry on long walks.
  • If your pet is prone to weight gain or loss, then our Adjustable Dog Coat is ideal. The chest and stomach area is adjustable by up to 5".
  • Machine washable at a cool temperature.

Please Note

The coat fits over your dog’s head, before ordering please ensure you have checked the neck measurements accurately. Check out our measurement guide for specific sizes:

XS 10" will fit breed Chihuahua. Miniature Yorkshire Terrier

S 12" will fit breed Jack Russell. Dachshund.

M 14" will fit breed Boston Terrier. Shih Tzu. Schnauzer. Bichon Frisse. Pug.

L 16" will fit breed Scottish Terrier. Bull Terrier. Staffy. Spaniel.

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