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Measurement Guide


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  • We have taken all necessary steps to ensure our measurement guide is straight forward and easy to use. If you don’t understand our guide, please feel free to contact us and we will explain it further.

    If you are thinking of purchasing a Dog Coat, Dog Harness or Dog Onesie for your Pooch then please follow the tips below as roughly 25-30% of online sales are returned or exchanged due to improper sizing, so get the measurements right and save yourself possible hassle.

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    How to measure your pooch

    Neck (circumference)You must measure the base of the neck this is where the dog coat/dog harness will sit.

    Chest (circumference): Measurements must be made at the largest area around the chest, which is usually just behind the front legs. An easy way to do this is to look at your pooch side on and you will see the widest part of the chest. Do not measure too close to the back of the front legs as the webbing strap could potentially rub the back of the legs if your pooch is very active and runs about a lot.

    Body Length from Neck to Tail: Start where the neck joins the body, along the spine to where the tail meets the body.  If your pooch’s back slopes towards the rear end then you MUST find where you want the coat to sit so it is comfortable for your pooch.  If you choose too far then the coat could potentially swing around the back area because it is not sitting flat to the back and too short and it will not look right!

    Coat width: This measurement is the width of the coat.  So place the tape measure over the back of your pooch from left to right and you will be able to work out where the coat will sit and how much coverage it will give your pooch.

    Leg length: Only if you want your dog wearing sleeved garments. Measure the front legs from the “armpit” to the top of the ankle. Always Err on the side of too short — otherwise your dog may trip and have potentially serious accidents wearing sleeves that are too long. For the short-legged breeds, you probably should just go with “sleeveless” garments. Just remember: The chest measurement is critical.  Get that right and things will  work out from there.dog_size_img-300x3001


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    Hoodie / Winter Warmer Coats

    When deciding on what length to choose for your Winter Coat it should roughly be anywhere between 1-2″ from the base of your pooches tail. REMEMBER your pets CORE body temperature is higher than our's so they don't need to be swamped in an oversized Dog Coat. Make them feel Comfortable & look Cool.!

    Size Neck Chest Coat Width & Length Will Fit Breed or Similar
    XS 11″ 11-17″ 10″


    Miniature Yorkshire Terrier

    S 13″ 14-18″ 12″

    Jack Russell

    French Bulldog


    M 15″ 16-21″ 14″

    Boston Terrier

    Shih Tzu


    Bichon Freis


    L 17″ 19-25″ 16″

    Scottish Terrier

    Bull Terrier

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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    Size Neck Chest
    XS 11″ 11-17″
    S 13″ 14-18″
    M 15″ 16-21″
    L 17″ 19-25″

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    Size Neck Length dog_size_img-300x3001
    12 10″-11″ 12"
    14 12″-13″ 14″
    16 14″-15″ 16″
    18 16″-17″ 18″
    20 18″-19″ 20″
    22 20″-21″ 22″
    24 22″-23″ 24″