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Why Do Some Dogs Love Water and Others Don't?


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Dogs are lively creatures. They like to run, jump, and play everywhere they go. However, while many dogs enjoy swimming in lakes, beaches, and pools, some dogs dread the water and would not dare take a splash unless they're wearing a waterproof dog onesie.

Some dogs are absolutely terrified when water touches their fur. Animal experts say that this is tied to a deep-rooted negative experience in the past or unfamiliarity of external stimuli to happen to a dog. Read on to unravel this mystery.

Why do some dogs like water while others don’t?

There are dogs who like water, and there are dogs who don't. It's a matter of experience or non-experience with water. If your dog is afraid of water, you must be concerned if he refuses to take a bath, with or without a waterproof dog onesie.

As a responsible owner, you need to know the reasons why some dogs are scared of water:

  1. Water is strange to dogs

According to animal behaviorists, domesticated dogs are not used to the challenges of water, unlike their wolf ancestors who are always crossing dangerous waters in order to survive. Dogs raised as companions are most likely to be used in safe environments where they are lovingly brought up by loving human companions. However, when dogs are brought up in places challenging their survival, they're most likely to overcome external stimuli involving water.

  1. Water has traumatized a dog

For example, if your dog is a rescued stray, they might have experienced abuse using water as a punishment prior to meeting you. When they encounter water now, they tend to generalize that all water is a form of punishment. This could be a reason that a dog avoids water at all costs unless you help them overcome this behavior. If you're willing to help remediate their negative past experiences, you can sponsor an animal or foster them in your loving home.

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  1. Water poses a threat to their safety

Some dogs like taking a bath, but not the pool or the beach. There are also dogs who dislike bathing but enjoy the pool or the beach. It depends on the dog but because some dogs are not used to the water, their human might give them a waterproof dog onesie to protect them when they're swimming outside. Some dogs may not be used to water exposure, hence activating their flight or fight response: running fast whenever there's a water splash aimed at them.

Wild dogs and water

Wild dogs are truly wild, and they adapt to water better. Here are some wild canines that know no fear of water:

1. Wolves - The ancestors of dogs have developed their love for water by bathing in streams and walking on ice.

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2. Foxes - Because they're used to living in the wild, they are also used to crossing small rivers by swimming.

3. African Wild Dog - Known as the painted dog, they roam the plains of Sub-Saharan Africa and enjoys playing in puddles to escape from the hot sun.

4. Jackals - Known to also live in swamps other than grasslands, savannas, and other woodland areas, jackals thrive in the wild with water.

5. Coyote - Often mistaken as wolves, coyotes have their own fair share of survival. They have brave winds and waters in order to survive season after season.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy or swimming to dogs?

Hydrotherapy or swimming is a procedure for dogs to regain normal healthy state after acquiring an injury and is recommended by veterinarians. To ease your dog's pain and regain his overall well-being, you must let him discover the joy of swimming in order to get well. Take along some of their favorite healthy dog treats to help them acclimate to the water if they're feeling fearful.

Here are the benefits your dog can reap with hydrotherapy:

  1. Exercise
  2. Treatment to arthritis and injury
  3. Keeps them in shape

Where to buy dog essentials

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