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  • About Pawberry Designer Dog Wear

    kellie-270x270.jpg Kellie McNally CEO of Pawberry

    Kellie McNally, North West based founder and creative director of dog coat and accessories brand “Pawberry,” is passionate about keeping our four legged friends warm and looking fabulous this season.  A trained seamstress, Kellie has been sewing at her mother’s kitchen table since she was a child, and has steadily grown her passion into her dream of becoming the first British designer to combine a dog coat with a built in harness.  With her distinctive range of luxury hand-made dog coats, harnesses, collars and onesies the range features the “Chelsea”, a subtle spin on a classic style, the “Brighton” a chill-fighting urban bubble coat in an array of primary colours, and the “Essex” for the self indulgent dog owner who enjoys a little sparkle.

    Kellie explains, “I had my “Light bulb” moment back in 2011, when passing a gentleman out walking his dog who had a separate dog coat and harness.  After researching the coats currently available, I quickly realised although there are many dog coats on the market, non incorporated a built in harness. I was surprised to find that no British designers had tapped into this and set about creating my bespoke coats and accessories. 

    It is my mission to bring dog coats to the market made from quality materials and more importantly are safe, comfortable and affordable.”

    “I have been careful to use robust, breathable fabrics that will stand the test of time.  Having infused the range not only with my own sense of style, I endeavoured to create an eclectic range of coats to suit every taste.  Dog owners will find the dog coats easy to put on their pets, ensuring ultimate warmth and practicality.”

    Pawberry takes pride in being British and Kellie is keen to keep it that way, sourcing local materials and employees.  She feels it is time to champion the British shop keeper once again.  She is also a passionate supporter of S.T.E.C.S (Scottish Terrier Emergency Rescue).